Friday, October 15, 2010

It's the sport of kings, better than diamond rings....FOOTBALL!

The BG girls have had football on the brain for the last few days. Not because we're going through withdrawals that the season is over or because we are such die hard fans that we discuss whether or not we think Favre is really "done with football" this time.

Not quite! The reason, of course, has to do with one of our fabulous brides! In front of family and friends, and over the course of several days worth of festivities this weekend, Victoria and Adam will finally say their I Do's in Palm Desert.

Victoria was referred to us by her cousin, whose wedding invitation suite we created several years ago. Over coffee Victoria meticulously told us her vision for their big day and also learned that she and Adam are HUGE San Francisco 49ers fans. SO HUGE that they wanted to incorporate the 49ers into their wedding accessories!! Ummmmmm....what's Coco Chanel's famous saying? "A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous." Victoria was definitely both of those things, so we created classy and fabulous wedding accessories for their wedding day that coordinated with their beautiful wedding invitations and still boasted their love for the 49ers.

They wanted to use their favorite players and jersey numbers to name their guest tables at the reception; Jerry Rice #80, Joe Montana #16, Steve Young #8, etc.

We created tented table names using ecru shimmer card stock and printed the player's name and jersey number in deep amethyst. Their monogram was used as well to tie in with their other accessories.

Additionally they wanted to coordinate their escort cards with the football theme so....we created football shaped escort cards with guest names and table numbers, aka jersey numbers. The ecru shimmer card stock and amethyst ink was used again. And our handy dandy new die cut machine helped us with the football shaped cards.

Their florist created a football field out of wheat grass and mini goal posts to hold each football escort card. Their guests will surely do a sack dance when they see this ode to their favorite team! We can't wait to see the photos from their wedding as I'm sure this will be one piece the photographer will not miss shooting!!

The BG girls dedicate the following song and dance to Victoria and Adam and wish them the very best in their new life together! Feel free to sing along...........the BG girls have a new song to add to their soundtrack!!

And a lil' tidbit for you young'uns.....the blond is Goldie Hawn- otherwise known as the beautiful Kate Hudson's mom!!


BG Girl


Monday, October 11, 2010

"Kids!! Step away from mommy's Red Vines!"

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth EVER! Nothing brightens my gloomy day more than a scoop of chocolate peanut butter ice cream on a sugar cone from Baskin Robbins. When my hubby was first courting me I knew he was "the one" when he brought home a Costco sized tub of Red Vines! Nothing makes me happier than the sight of an Oreo waiting to be dipped in ice cold milk....non-fat of course! Even sugar-free Fudgecicles make my heart sing when I'm trying to be good!!

So you can image the pure bliss that I felt when Jennifer, one of our brides, asked us to find something unique(and SWEET!) that she and her groom could surprise their guests with after their reception.

We came across the following lil' nuggets of goodness for them.....

Cupcakes in a jar by GDesserts-

These yummy treats are sealed in a jar for freshness and neatness. You get a bit more cupcake in a jar than a regular cupcake and twice as much frosting. No messy crumbs on your shirt or left over cupcake liner to throw away. All you're left with is a nifty jar that can be reused or recycled. Neat, tasty AND green!

These are perfect as unique wedding favors or farewell gift for your guests.

A world of deliciousness in your hand!!

Seriously?! This one had my head spinning!! These beauties are the genius creation of Lil Rae's Cakes in Los Angeles. This girl is all over the place! From the OC Foodie Fest to events for jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino and clothing designer Betsey Johnson.

Her made from scratch cake and frosting combo comes together in perfect harmony to create the center of her cake balls. She then bathes them in bright, decadent chocolate coating and tops them off with sprinkles. Her flavors include the staples...vanilla, chocolate, lemon, red velvet, spiced carrot, as well as her over the top flavors like maple bacon, German chocolate, bananatella and cranberry orange.

Include these as part of your afterglow sweets at your next event!

A little bit of trivia for ya...Lil Rae's Cakes can be found at Sweet Harts in Sherman Oaks. Sweet Harts is Melissa Joan Harts candy shop...remember her?! From Sabrina the Teenage Witch?! Random, I know, but I live for tid bits like this!

You can also find Lil Rae's cake balls at Sweets Truck,

Have you heard of this one? Remember the days of having the In N Out Burger truck roll up at your company's annual event?? Well, sweetness, this is heaven on wheels right at your door!!!


These guys roll up, open up their sweet truck and voila! Out comes an Oompa Loompa of tasty treats that would put Willie Wonkas' Chocolate Factory to shame!

Sweets Truck offers all types of baked goods. Think rich chocolate cookies made with Belgian chocolate, coconut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting rolled in coconut, PB&J sandwich crispy treat, brownies and whoopie pies- oh my!

Not to mention all the yummy goodness of their espresso drinks, coffees and teas, hot chocolate and good old fashion milk to quench your thirst after a mouthful of their stuff!

The BG girls will be "stuck" (insert sarcasm HERE) with the chore of taste testing a few of these treats for Jennifer and the mister, then creating the signage for this fabulous surprise to their guests.

We'll be waiting patiently for our bride and groom to select one of these scrumptious options for their 2011 nuptials. Think they'll notice if we crash the after party?!

BG Girl Merc :0)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Total Eclipse of My Heart

So, the BG girls have been anticipating the release of Stephanie Meyer's third installment of her Twilight Saga, Eclipse.

Yes, we know....we're moms, we're too old to be reading teenage books, much less reading about vampires and werewolves. However if you've read any of the books for yourself, you ABSOLUTELY understand why we are admittedly, dorky, TWIHARDS!!

Last year we stood in line for hours, with all the teeny boppers and the other moms, to watch Twilight and the New Moon premiere at midnight. Needless to say, when I watched New Moon for the second time I realized I had actually fallen asleep for nearly 10 minutes and had missed an entire scene of the movie! This time we agreed that catching the first showing the next morning would be our best bet. So today was an official BG work day...spent at the theater, with friends, an ice blended mocha from The Bean and Edward!

I have to say that Eclipse is my favorite book of the Twilight saga. Perhaps it's because it reminds me of that feeling I had when I first fell in love with my beloved- the butterflies in my belly, the pitter patter of my heart when I was with him, the anticipation of seeing him...or perhaps it's simply because Bella and Edward are finally together and make out like the hormone-charged teenagers they are! Regardless, the movie didn't disappoint and certainly lived up to my expectations!!!

My fellow Twihard sidekicks and I went to lunch afterwards and thoroughly discussed the differences between the book and the movie and what we thought should have been included. And of course, anticipated how long we would have to wait before we are able to get our next Twilight fix!!

When we returned to the studio and began to work, I couldn't stop replaying the movie in my head and feeling like I was going through Eclipse withdrawals!! I couldn't stop pondering on how, exactly, Breaking Dawn will be made into two separate movies. Where will it begin? Where will the second half begin? How will they bring this book to fruition with all the special effects needed?
Then to the good stuff....the wedding!
(Have you checked out Bella's engagement ring?!)

What will Bella's wedding dress look like? More importantly, what will Edward and Bella's wedding invitations look like??!! Who will design them??!! What color palette will they chose to capture Bella's laid back style? Will it be traditional but chic? Will it be modern and funky?

SO many questions! SO much to ponder on! SO long to wait!! Do you think Stephanie Meyers would mind if we submitted a couple of designs for Breaking Dawn and the wedding scene????

Check out our suggestions....
Green, like the forest of Forks, Washington,
laid back and simple like Bella Swan
Capturing the simplicity of nature and
keeping in line with the organic vibe of Bella and Edward

A more muted option for their August wedding

We leave you with our favorite quote from Eclipse...

"I was that boy who would have gotten down on one knee and endeavored to secure your hand. I would have wanted you for eternity, even when the word didn't have quite the same connotations."

BG girl- Merc :0)