Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Inside BG Design Studio!!

A few months ago, BG Design Studio changed locations and moved into a gorgeous new studio that we just LOVE! For some time now, we’ve been in the process of moving all of our equipment and supplies and really making it the new home for our business. Looking around, I am so happy with the new setup and I’m pleased to say that this space really fits us and our needs.

Want to take a look around? Let me give you the virtual grand tour!!

This is the front lobby. It’s a cheerful, cozy sitting room with splashes of color and lots of little creative touches. We decorated our walls with samples of some of our favorite paper projects and goodies that we have designed over the years. We really wanted to give the studio that same chic and stylish feel that we always work hard to impart on our paper designs.

We also have a meeting room that’s overflowing with invites we’ve created, paper and color samples, as well as a variety of other design samples. This is where we sit down with our clients and get a feel for what they want for their special occasions.

Then there’s our back workspace, which most of our clients don’t get to see but I’ll give you a little sneak peek into our world. :) This is where the magic happens; paper, texture and pattern are married with ribbon and bling and other unique accents. Here we cut, combine, glue, and assemble the beautiful designs that we put our hearts into in order to make you, our client, thrilled with the end result.

Want to check out BG Design Studio for yourself? Make an appointment with us to tell us about the dream wedding invitations that you would like us to design for you or other paper goods that you need for your special occasion! We’d love to see you here.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

All kinds of paper goodies!

Photo courtesy of Envelopments

Although BG Design Studio specializes in wedding invitations, signage, and other goodies for your special day, we also love to create paper goods for other events and celebrations as well!

Photo courtesy of Envelopments

Are you announcing your engagement? Did you just have a baby, or are you planning a baby shower? Are you throwing a birthday party for your son or daughter, or announcing your 30 year wedding anniversary? Are you hosting a business event or putting together a reunion of some kind? Regardless of the occasion, we can custom tailor any design to suit your needs. Our job is to make color and texture come together on paper to help make your event unforgettable.

Photo courtesy of Envelopments

When putting a design together, we love capturing your personality and desires so that you think, “this is me! This is exactly what I was wanting!” We will listen carefully to what it is you want and then use our expertise to make it a reality. These beautiful examples of invites from our vendor, Envelopments, are just a few tiny possibilities of what we can put together for you. The sky is the limit!

Photo courtesy of Envelopments

Any size, style, or function -- you name it, we can create it for you. If you need invites, signage, table toppers, name tags, labels, or any other paper goods – just let us know. We'd love to be of service!

Photo courtesy of Envelopments